Eligible trade-in phones

Eligible trade-in phone

You save

iPhone 6s | 6s+ | 7 | 7+ | 8 | 8+

16 000 ₸

iPhone X | XS | XS Max | XR | SE 2020

30 000 ₸

iPhone 11

36 000 ₸

iPhone 11 Pro | 11 Pro Max

69 000 ₸

iPhone 12 mini | 12 | 12 Pro | 12 Pro Max

35 000 ₸

iPhone 13 mini | 13 | SE 2022

35 000 ₸

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1. How much time does valuation take?

5-8 minutes

2. What is trade-in from Apple City?

A great opportunity to buy a new phone with a discount.

3. What factors effects value of secondary device?

Model, apparent defects, technical condition, availability of Factory package and accessories

4. Does the discount calculated on the website differ from that calculated at a store?

Our online calculator gives an estimated value - of your trade-in, that is the actual discount may be different. Whereas, discount calculated at our stores is accurate and final.

5. How can I use an online calculator?

Fill out the form in the ‘Have your phone appraised’ section above by selecting the parameters that match your old phone, incl. its overall conditions, like appearance, chips, scratches, etc.

6. How to calculate the amount of discount at a store?

Contact our store near you. Our consultant will evaluate the condition of your device, test its serviceability and tell you the exact amount of the discount you can get on the new iPhone 13 Pro / 13 Pro Max.

7. What kind of documents are required?

Identification card or Passport

8. How do I purchase of a new smartphone?

Once your trade-in device has been appraised, you will be asked to sign the documents, hand over your old device to the consultant, get your trade-in certificate (voucher) and use it to for your new device in accordance with the terms of the Contract Phone promotional offer.

9. What are the requirements for trade in secondary product?

Product should be owned by client, it should not be disputed, pawned etc. Device should not be connected to account or blocked with passcodes. Display gives possibility to diagnose all its functions.

10. Is it necessary to have Factory Package of the smartphone in place?

Factory Package and charger (USB) increases value of device, but it is not necessary to have them.